Chicago, United States of America, April 4, 2021

With immense excitement, we are announcing that our organization, “Impaction” has changed its name to “Impactionable.” We are now more powerful, eager, and ready for action in the growing social impact sector by changing the name. We have grown into a community that values meaningful relationships and acts on the desire to make the world a better place.

For 2021, we commit to another year of helping people in our local communities by providing job opportunities and funding for the people in the social impact space.

Today, we would love to take…

By: Jeyamariappan Ganapathy from Samatva Wealth Management LLC

Startups Ignite Investment Adviser, Jeyamariappan Ganapathy shares advice and resources for early-stage startups through his 20 years of experience in the social impact space. Jeyamariappan recently shared his advice and provided mentorship to Impaction and Because International’s 16 semi-finalists of the 2020 Social Innovation Competition. This advice was shared on one of Impaction’s Video Sessions.

Crucial things to consider for your startup

  1. Idea — Never stop talking to your customers through customer surveys. Do not invest any money to develop your product until you have done the customer validation. Find out which market segment you’re planning to target and…

By: The Impaction Team

2019 went by in a blur. It was easy to get caught up in the ebb and flow in the work and day-to-day operations as a team. Here, as a team, we step back and reflect on the 20 lessons we learned in 2019.

Shivani Chokshi (CEO)

  1. Your mission has to be the core of everything you do so take time to make it crystal clear — We came up with the idea of Impaction in 2017. We launched our website in 2018. We finalized our mission in 2019. We all had a feeling of what our mission was…

By: The Impaction Team

Impaction’s online platform makes it accessible for young leaders and social entrepreneurs to create a positive difference in their local communities. As a part of our online platform, we highlight positive Innovation News that address inspiring leaders’ ideas on products that are making a social difference across the world. On our platform, we find innovations across educational, environmental, and technological fields that change humans’ lives for the better. To end 2019 on a positive note, we scanned our selection of Innovation News, and compiled a list of top trends on our website. …

Our mission is to inspire and support individuals to create a positive impact in their local communities. Sure, brainstorming and solving challenges over Skype and Google Hangouts can open doors to international communities, but if our mission is to instill change in local communities, we need to innovate and act to better communities in our own cities. So we did just that.

On Wednesday, November 20th, Impaction CEO, Shivani Chokshi, led 15 people in a workshop held at Depaul University’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center that was aimed to map and “solve” some of the most prominent social challenges that currently face…

Taken by: @shah.sam

After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, during Manavta’s second year of operations, Founder Nabeel Jaffer, didn’t know whether Manavta could continue running operations. However, four years later, Nabeel and his team have helped hundreds of Nepalis, improving health education and alleviating sanitation issues across the region.

To understand Manavta’s journey, we spoke with Nabeel over Skype. He talked about his short and long term goals, his approach, and the best pieces of advice he has received as a social entrepreneur.

Impaction: What social issue are you trying to resolve through Manavta?

Nabeel: We’re trying to fix the problem of defecation…

By: Dhru Shah — Impaction Community Member and Sales And Marketing Specialist at Let’s Empower, Advocate, and Do, Inc. (LEAD)

In my experience working with rehabilitation patients who were athletes in their younger years, I learned of the sports injuries that affected them later in life. I learned that knee replacements were not always a result of years of physical inactivity, but due to over-exercise, especially without proper rest and rehabilitation. Approximately, 50% of all injuries seen in pediatric sports medicine are related to overuse and over-training. Over-training and athlete burnout are also strongly correlated to mood disorders like anxiety…

By Shivani Chokshi

Figure 1: Steve Jobs head shot (Source: The Verge)

Our world splits people up into leaders and followers; entrepreneurs and employees; trailblazers and regulars. When we think of role models, names like Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Mother Teresa pop up. Singular people who single-handedly led entire populations towards freedom and prosperity that changed everyone’s lives for the better, right? Wrong. Without these leaders’ support and mentorship network, they would not have had the impact in the world that we still read about to this day. Without the Steve Wozniaks and Ronald Waynes of the world, Apple wouldn’t have been anywhere close to the scale it…


We provide jobs, networking opportunities, and funding for people in the social impact space. We act on the desire to make the world a better place.

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